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Today's Lesson
REWARDING   やりがいのある


  • Something is rewarding if it's satisfying because you feel that you are doing something important, useful, etc.

    The noun form is reward.
  • rewarding は、自分が何か重要なことや有益なことなどをしていると感じることによって、満足感を得られる、つまり、やりがいのある、という意味です。

    名詞形は reward で、報い、報酬、という意味です。



  1. Medicine is a challenging but rewarding career.
  2. Volunteering in Haiti after the earthquake was such a rewarding experience.
  3. The positive results I see as a marriage and family counselor provide me with tremendous job satisfaction, and the work is financially rewarding as well.
  4. Yes, the pay for public school teachers is modest, but the rewards are great.
  5. I quit because I was tired of working so hard for little reward or recognition.

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