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2007.07.25(Review of 2004.07.12 edition)


Sometimes a person has no choice but to consider their financial situation a lost cause, throw in the towel, and resort to the “B” word ...

Today's Lesson
BANKRUPT   破産者、破産した


  • A person or organization is bankrupt if they are not able to pay their debts.

    Bankruptcy is a financial condition of this kind, especially when legally recognized.
  • bankrupt は、個人や組織が、借金を返済することができなくなった状態のことです。

    bankruptcy は、特に法的に認められたこのような財政状態、つまり、破産、倒産のことです。



  1. By the third year of the recession, many small businesses were bankrupt and many others had downsized their operations.
  2. Edward's personal finances were in such bad shape that he nearly went bankrupt.
  3. The company is in arrears to creditors for $93 million, and investors fear that the company may be forced to declare bankruptcy.
  4. After filing for bankruptcy, they ceased their operations and stopped paying their suppliers for shipments received months earlier.

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