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2005.11.17(Review of 2005.07.26 edition)

Here's a WordMaster we know you'll find very INTEREST-ing!

Today's Lesson
INTEREST   利子、利息


  • Interest is the cost of borrowing money or the profit you receive by lending money, usually expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed or lent.

    Compound interest is interest earned on both the original amount invested and on the interest that has already been earned.
  • interest とは、借りたお金に対して支払う金銭、あるいは、お金を貸すことによって得られる利益のことです。通常 interest は、貸したり借りたりした金額の一定の割合として表されます。

    compound interest とは、元金とすでに得た利子の総額に対して新たに支払われる利子、つまり複利のことです。


  1. My Internet bank savings account is earning over 3% interest these days.
  2. My daughter only has to pay 5% interest on her student loans.
  3. They've decided to buy a house now in order to take advantage of the low mortgage interest rates.
  4. My financial advisor told me to pay off all of my high-interest credit card debt as soon as possible.
  5. At 8% compound interest, your investment would double in 9 years.

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