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For Life
2010.01.25 (Review of 2004.11.29 edition)

Welcome back! We send you warm midwinter greetings and hope that you're staying well in this cold and flu season. If there was ever a time to discuss things that chill, a week in January is certainly it. And, while we're at it, we'll also suggest a few ways to keep the chill off, at least while you're indoors!

Today's Lesson
DRAFT   すきま風


  • A draft is a cool, unwanted current of air coming into a room or other closed space.

    A room is drafty if there is a draft in it.
  • draft は、部屋などの閉所に入ってくる冷たくて嫌な風、つまり、すきま風のことです。

    すきま風が入る部屋のことは、drafty と言います。



  1. I feel a draft coming from under the door.
  2. There seems to be a draft in this room. Can you check to see if all the windows are shut?
  3. It's important to keep indoor plants away from drafts.
  4. It's a bit drafty in here. Do you have a sweater I can borrow?
  5. You're going to catch a cold sitting in this drafty room all day.

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