Welcome back! We hope your weekend was special. How has your summer been so far? It won't be summer forever, so let's enjoy it while we have it.

Today's WordMaster may remind you of a different kind of season, which now seems very long ago.

CATCH A COLD / HAVE A COLD 風邪をひく / 風邪をひている

A cold is a common illness that causes sneezing, a runny nose (= it's necessary to blow your nose often), coughing, and sometimes fever and general body ache.

To BECOME sick like this is to catch a cold.

To BE sick like this is to have a cold.

cold は、くしゃみや鼻水、せき、などの症状があり、熱が出たり体が痛くなったりする、よくある病気です。つまり風邪のことです。

catch a cold は、風邪をひくという意味です。

風邪をひいている状態のことは、have a cold と言います。
1.I catch a lot of colds in the winter.
2.I don't want you to play outside in this rain, Billy. You'll catch a cold for sure.
3.I think I caught this cold from Annie. She was coughing and sneezing the last time I saw her.
4.a:Where's Jeff today?
b:He's staying home. He has a bad cold.
5.My little brother caught a cold at school, and now everyone in our family has a cold.
Stay healthy!