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For Life
2009.09.07(Review of 2000.11.19 and 2003.10.03 edition)

Welcome back! The WordMaster is apartment hunting this week. Who knows, he may even end up in your neighborhood!

We begin with an edition that's pure WordMaster: three simple words, all commonly used and commonly confused. It doesn't get more practical than this!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
BORROW vs. LEND vs. RENT   (無料で)借りる vs. (無料で)貸す vs. (有料で)借りる/貸す(動詞)、賃貸料(名詞)


  • To borrow something is to TAKE it from the owner to use for a period of time and give back later.

    To lend something is to GIVE it to someone to use for a period of time and give back later.

    To rent (verb) something is to borrow or lend it FOR MONEY.

    Rent (noun) is also the amount of money you pay each month to use an apartment, office space, etc.
  • borrow は、何かをある期間使うために、持ち主から受け取って後で返す、つまり、借りる、という意味です。

    lend は、誰かに何かをある期間使わせてあげるために渡し、後で返してもらう、つまり、貸す、という意味です。

    rent (動詞)は、お金を払って借りる、または、お金をもらって貸す、という意味です。

    rent (名詞)は、アパートや事務所スペースなどを使用するために毎月支払う金額、つまり、家賃、賃貸料という意味もあります。



  1. Could I borrow your video camera for the wedding?
  2. My parents are letting me borrow the car for the weekend.
  3. Do you think I could borrow a few dollars until tomorrow? I'm out of cash.
  4. I wonder if Henry would lend me some of his camping equipment for a few days.
  5. I never lend books to my friends anymore. They're too careless with them.
  6. (woman to husband)
    We've been renting this apartment for ten years now. Don't you think it's time we buy our own place?
  7. a: I'm flying in (= arriving by plane) on the 22nd.
    b: Are you going to rent a car while you're here?
  8. They're beautiful apartments. How much is the rent?
  9. My rent was just raised from 120,000 to 140,000 yen a month.

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