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For Life

Hello again!

It's been said that “breaking up is hard to do”, but sometimes the hardest part is putting the pieces back together again!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
MAKE UP (with someone)   (~と)仲直りする


  • To make up with someone you've had a fight or argument with is to become friends with them again.
  • make up with someone と言うと、けんかや口論をした相手ともう一度友達になる、つまり、仲直りする、という意味になります。

MAKE UP (with someone)


  1. a: Janet and Jim still aren't talking to each other.
    b: Haven't they made up yet?
  2. Ryan is always very sweet after we make up.
  3. Don't you think we've been fighting long enough? Let's just shake hands and make up, all right?

英会話レッスンSo long, friend!