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For Life
2006.02.15(Review of 2004.07.30 edition)

Love stories in books and movies are often just a variation of “Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl.” Here's how to talk about Acts 2 and 3 of this timeless drama!

Today's Lesson


  • When two people break up, they end their romantic relationship.

    When two people get back together, they begin a romantic relationship again after breaking up for a while.
  • break up は、二者間の恋愛関係が終わりになる、という意味です。

    get back together は、しばらく別れていた後に、再び恋愛関係を始める、つまり、よりを戻す、という意味です。


  1. Tim and Brenda are breaking up. They had a big fight over the weekend.
  2. a: Have you ever thought about seeing someone else?
    b: No. I could never break up with Lucy. She's too special.
  3. a: Do you think your parents will ever get back together?
    b: No. It's been ten years since they broke up.
  4. a: Did you hear that Tim got back together with Brenda?
    b: Yes. I wish those two would make up their minds. One week they hate each other, and the next week they're in love again.
    a: Well, that's love, isn't it?

英会話レッスンDon't worry - this isn't breaking up. It's just goodbye for now!