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For Life

Our warmest greetings to you today! August 2004 has begun, and what a month it's going to be! Of course, this is the month of the much anticipated Summer Olympics in Athens. But it's also a month of sad memories for many of our older readers and important dates for us all: the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the end of that most terrible of wars all occurred one August many years ago. As the Olympics are also a powerful symbol of the world's lasting hope for peace, we saw how appropriate it would be to devote some time this month to words of war and words of peace.

So with that, Berlitz WordMaster begins a four-week series we'll simply call "War and Peace".

Today's Lesson
FIGHT   戦う


  • To fight  is to use physical force against someone or to have an argument with someone.
  • fight  は、暴力を用いて争う、言い争いをする、という意味です。


  1. My son was fighting  at school again. He came home with cuts and bruises on his face.
  2. CHILD: Why did we fight our neighbors in the last war?
    MOTHER: I don't know, dear. There are no good reasons for war.
  3. In "The Lord of the Rings", the elves fought  with man against Sauron and the orcs.
  4. My father fought  in the Korean War.
  5. Before my parents' divorce, they were always fighting  (= arguing).

We'll see you again tomorrow!