Hi! To help you get back to normal, we thought we'd give you a "serious", "businesslike" WordMaster for Tuesday. It should come in handy once in a while.

MANUFACTURE(R)   製造する、(製造業者)

To manufacture something is to make it for sale, especially in large numbers using machines.

A manufacturer is a company that manufactures a product.

manufacture は、販売するために何かを作るという意味で、特に機械で大量に作る場合に使われます。

manufacturer は、製品を作る会社、つまり製造業者という意味です。
1.There are several factories in this area that manufacture cheap Persian rugs.
2.The process used to manufacture fine writing paper is quite complex.
3.Exports of manufactured goods have fallen in recent years.
4.Japan's top automobile manufacturers have offices and factories throughout the world. 
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