STAFF (v.)の意味、職員を配置する、配属する

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You're no doubt familiar with the noun form of today's word, but would it surprise you to learn that it also does double-duty as a verb?

Today's Lesson
STAFF (v.)   職員を配置する、配属する


  • To staff (verb) a workplace or organization is to work there or to provide it with workers.
  • 動詞の staff は、職場や機関などで働く、または、そこに職員を供給する、つまり、配置する、という意味です。

STAFF (v.)


  1. Berlitz Beverages is currently recruiting experienced salespeople to staff its new San Antonio office.
  2. The park visitor center is staffed by a full-time ranger and a group of enthusiastic volunteers.
  3. With so many people sick with the flu, we've been hard-pressed (= it's been difficult) to keep the station fully staffed.
  4. They continue to have staffing problems due to a shortage of skilled labor there.
  5. We use a temp agency to staff our stores with extra people during the busy holiday shopping season.

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