SCHEDULE (v.)の意味、予定を決める

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2008.10.06(Review of 2005.12.20 edition)

Hello! We've planned for you a great week centered around a valuable theme: “Planning.” First up on our agenda, a word to help you plan your week!

Today's Lesson
SCHEDULE (v.)   予定を決める


  • To schedule something is to plan or arrange for it to happen at a particular time.
  • schedule とは、何かをある特定の日時に行うよう計画したり準備したりする、という意味です。



  1. (a few hours before a planned meeting with Brad)
    a: That was Brad on the phone. He's sick with the flu.
    b: Well, then we'll have to schedule the meeting for another day.
  2. The grand opening of their new Akihabara store is scheduled for November 1st.
  3. What time is the train to Tateyama scheduled to leave?
  4. I think it's important that the working group meet at a regularly scheduled time.

英会話レッスンThanks for including us in your plans today!