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Today's Lesson
TAKE OVER (for) vs. FILL IN (for)
(~の仕事を)引き継ぐ vs. (~の)代わりを務める


  • To take over a job or to take over for someone is to do the job after they stop (for example, after they finish their shift, while they are away on leave, or when they quit or retire).

    To fill in for someone is to do their job for them TEMPORARILY because they are sick, away, etc.

    Be Careful! When you take over for someone, it can be permanent OR temporary. But when you fill in for someone, it's only temporary.
  • take over a job または take over for someone は、誰かが仕事をするのをやめた後(例えば、シフトを終えた後、休暇を取っているとき、退職したときなど)にその仕事をする、つまり、引き継ぐ、という意味です。

    fill in for someone は、誰かが病気や、不在のために、一時的にその人に代わって仕事をする、つまり、誰かの代わりを務める、という意味です。

    注意: take over for someone と言うと、永続的なことにも、一時的なことにもなりますが、 fill in for someone は、一時的なことに限ります。

TAKE OVER (for) vs. FILL IN (for)


  1. (from a newsletter article about Jeremy's retirement)
    Jeremy took over the position of chief editor in 1987 and held it for twelve years.
  2. (nurse to patient)
    Another nurse will be taking over for me in a little while, but I'll see you again tomorrow.
  3. (to co-worker operating heavy equipment)
    Do you want me to take over for you so you can go to lunch?
  4. I have to go to Shanghai for a couple of days next week, so I won't be able to attend Tuesday's meeting. Do you think you could fill in for me?
  5. a: Are you the new receptionist?
    b: Oh, no. I'm just filling in while Rita's on maternity leave.

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