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2005.04.11(Review of 2003.08.22 edition)

Hello! We're pleased to be welcoming you back for another week of Berlitz WordMaster@Work!

We've got some VERY important words and expressions to share with you this week. These are the words that define the most basic conditions of employment and the key milestones in an employee's career. You won't want to miss a day of it!

Today's Lesson


  • Terms of employment are the basic conditions of a job. They're often described in a written document that is given to employees when they start at a new position.

    Terms of employment usually include the responsibilities and duties of the position, salary and benefits, working hours, and the starting date.
  • terms of employment は、仕事に関する基本的な条件、つまり、雇用条件、という意味です。通常は書面で、会社側から新しい仕事を始める社員に渡されます。

    terms of employment には一般的に、その仕事の責任の範囲と仕事の内容、給与と福利厚生、労働時間や勤務開始日などが含まれています。


  1. (interviewer to job applicant)
    I think you'll find our terms of employment very generous.
  2. I'd like to know more about the terms of employment before I decide whether to accept the position.
  3. Are the terms of employment fixed or negotiable?
  4. According to the terms of employment, I'm supposed to get 20 days of paid vacation a year.
  5. Under the new legislation, employers would be required to provide new employees with a copy of the terms of employment before a contract is signed.

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