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Like major and minor leaguers, school athletes are also divided into elite squads and those trying to get there!

Today's Lesson
(JUNIOR) VARSITY   代表(二軍)チーム


  • For any sport or other competition against other schools, varsity is the team with a school's most experienced and skilled players.

    Junior varsity is the team with players that have less experience or skill than varsity.
  • 他校とのスポーツその他の競技において、varsity と言うと、校内で最も経験豊富で優秀な選手で編成されたチーム、つまり、代表チームをさします。

    junior varsity は、varsity よりも経験が浅く技能も劣る選手で編成されたチーム、つまり、二軍チームのことです。



  1. Jacky played tennis in high school. She was on the varsity team during her junior and senior years.
  2. Playing varsity football in college was hard work but a lot of fun.
  3. a: Guess what! I made the varsity team!
    b: Oh, that's great! Congratulations!
  4. a: He was hoping to make varsity, but was put on the junior varsity team instead.
    b: I'm not surprised. Most of the varsity players are a lot bigger than he is.
  5. All junior varsity band members are supposed to meet after school today in the band room for a group photo for the yearbook.

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