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If you listen in on conversations among friends, you'll find that certain expressions seem to come up all the time. We've got four of those expressions for you this week. Keep them handy!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
GUESS WHAT!   ちょっと聞いてよ!、何だと思う?


  • Before telling someone an interesting or surprising piece of information, we often say Guess what!

    Guess + who/what/where/when/etc. can also be used in this way as part of longer expressions, such as “Guess what I saw!”, “Guess where I was!”, and “Guess who is getting married!”
  • 誰かに面白い情報やびっくりするようなことを伝えるとき、その前に Guess what! と言うことがよくあります。

    Guess + who/what/where/when など、という表現は、Guess what I saw! や、Guess where I was!、そして Guess who is getting married! などのように、長い文章の一部として使うこともできます。


  1. Guess what! I'm being transferred to the Geneva office!
  2. a: Guess what!
    b: What?
    a: Helen is pregnant!
  3. a: Guess what I did today!
    b: What did you do?
    a: I went bungee jumping for the first time!
  4. a: Guess who I ran into this morning!
    b: Who?
    a: Jennifer Baxter! I haven't seen her since the 6th grade!

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