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Nice to see you! Do you realize we're now into the second month of the fall season? How's it been for you? It's a fine time of year, don't you think? And we also think Wednesday's a fine day for a WordMaster (in fact, isn't every day?). Here's your Wednesday edition!

Today's Lesson


  • A wallet is a small case for carrying paper money and credit cards. It's usually made of leather and can be folded to fit in your pocket.
  • wallet  は、紙幣やクレジットカードなどを入れて持ち歩くための小さい入れ物、つまり、財布という意味です。普通は皮製で、ポケットに入れられるよう、折りたたむことができます。


  1. Never leave home without your wallet; you never know when you'll need some money or ID.
  2. (an American who has recently arrived in Japan)
    I'm surprised how much money people carry in their wallets in Tokyo. Back home no one keeps more than $100 in their wallet.
  3. (talking to a train station employee)
    Excuse me. I think I lost my wallet on the train.
  4. A good rule while traveling is "Don't take out your wallet until you actually need it."

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