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For Life
2009.08.31(Review of 2003.05.12 edition)

Welcome back! We're opening the WordMaster vault this week to bring you a set of review editions from our ever-growing storehouse of treasures.

Piggy banks are for kids, and money under the mattress just makes for a restless night's sleep. So when looking for a place to stash our precious savings, we usually head to the bank. How about coming with us? You're sure to meet some fine expressions along the way - you can bank on that!

Today's Lesson
(BANK) ACCOUNT   (銀行)口座


  • A bank account is an arrangement with a bank to keep money there.
  • bank account は、銀行にお金を預けるための、銀行との取り決め、つまり、銀行口座のことです。



  1. BANK EMPLOYEE: Can I help you?
    CUSTOMER: Yes, I'd like to open an account here.
  2. a: Why do you have two bank accounts?
    b: I use one to pay for monthly expenses and the other for savings.
  3. After traveling around Europe for a year, I had only $230 left in my bank account.
  4. (bank employee to customer)
    Would you like to take the money out of your savings or checking account?

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