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Happy Friday! We finish off the week with a couple of topics that never seem to go bad!

Today's Lesson
CANNED / FROZEN (food)   缶詰/冷凍(食品)


  • Canned food is food that has been preserved (= kept from going bad) in a can.

    Frozen food is food that's preserved by keeping it at a temperature below zero degrees centigrade and that's sold that way in stores.
  • canned food は、缶に保存されている(腐らないようにされている)食べ物、つまり、缶詰のことです。

    frozen food は、摂氏0度以下の温度に保って保存し、お店でもそのような状態で販売される食べ物、つまり、冷凍食品のことです。



  1. We always take a lot of canned food along when we go camping because it's easy to prepare and you don't have to worry about it going bad.
  2. One of my favorite kinds of sushi is a roll made from canned tuna and mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed.
  3. You'd be surprised how much salt there is in many canned and frozen foods. Just look at the ingredients.
  4. (customer to supermarket employee)
    a: Where can I find ice cream?
    b: It's in the frozen food section.
  5. (unpacking groceries)
    First put the meat and frozen vegetables in the freezer, before they start to thaw.

英会話レッスンEat well this weekend!