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It has been said that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and the same could be said of Christmas presents. But it's hard not to be immediately won over by the bright paper and charming ribbons and bows of a well-presented gift!

Today's Lesson
WRAP   包む


  • To wrap something is to cover it with paper, cloth, or other material.

    Wrapping paper is special paper used for wrapping presents.
  • wrap とは、紙や布、その他の素材を使って物を覆う、つまり、包む、という意味です。

    wrapping paper は、贈り物を包むために使う特別な紙、つまり、包装紙のことです。



  1. (to a department store cashier)
    Can you wrap this for me? It's a gift.
  2. You'd better wrap that before you put it in the refrigerator or it'll dry out.
  3. The cookies are each individually wrapped and come in a lovely tin.
  4. I found some really cute wrapping paper with little snowmen and Santas on it for the kids' presents.
  5. (cleaning up after an office Christmas party)
    Now don't throw away the wrapping paper. Put it in the recycling bin with the other paper.

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