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2008.08.27(Review of 2006.06.26 edition)

Here's a word that's nearly synonymous with (= means the same thing as) “office work!”

Today's Lesson


  • Paperwork is the part of a job that involves handling documents, keeping records, filling in forms, writing letters and reports, etc.
  • paperwork とは、文書を扱ったり、記録をとったり、書類を作成したり、手紙や報告書を書いたりする作業を含む仕事のことです。



  1. There's a great deal of paperwork that has to be filled out in order to hire a foreign national.
  2. As an office clerk, I spend most of my day doing routine paperwork.
  3. Efforts to reduce the amount of government paperwork have had mixed success.
  4. I had a pile of paperwork waiting for me when I got back from my vacation.
  5. (co-workers)
    a: You look busy.
    b: I'm buried in paperwork!

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