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2008.11.26(Review of 2000.08.25 edition)

Yesterday's and today's editions make a nicely matched pair!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
DROP OFF   置いて行く、送って行く


  • To drop off something or someone is to take them somewhere and leave them there on your way to some other place. Drop off is the opposite of “pick up.”
  • drop off とは、どこかに行く途中に、ある場所まで物を持って行ってそこに置いて行く、または人を送って行く、という意味です。 drop off は、 pick up の反対の表現です。



  1. (about to leave for work)
    I'm dropping Tommy off at the library on my way, so I'll have to leave a little early.
  2. Thanks for the ride. Just drop me off at the corner over there.
  3. Don't forget to drop off the movie at the video store on your way to school tomorrow.
  4. (at the office)
    Could you drop off these files at Judy's desk?

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