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2008.11.25(Review of 2000.08.24 edition)


This is certainly a week for giving thanks, isn't it? Yesterday, we were all thankful for the extra day off courtesy of Labor Thanksgiving Day, and Americans will soon be enjoying the four-day Thanksgiving holiday, which begins on Thursday!

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
PICK UP   迎えに行く、取りに行く、買いに行く


  • To pick up someone is to go meet them (usually in a car) in order to take them somewhere.

    To pick up something is to go get or buy something.
  • pick up とは、人について使う場合、誰かをどこかに連れて行くために、(たいていは車で)その人を迎えに行く、という意味です。




  1. I'll be flying in for Thanksgiving on the 26th. Do you think you could pick me up at the airport?
  2. I'm having some car trouble and won't be able to pick you up. You'll have to take the bus today.
  3. (dry cleaner on the phone with customer)
    Your suit's ready to be picked up.
  4. Would you mind picking up some toothpaste while you're at the store?

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