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2008.07.17(Review of 2004.07.15 edition)

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Today's Lesson
HUG   抱き締める


  • To hug (verb) someone or to give someone a hug is to put your arms around them and hold them close, as a greeting or as a sign of friendship or love.

    A hug (noun) is this action.
  • huggive someone a hug は、挨拶、または、友情や愛情の表現として、相手の体に両腕を回し、抱き寄せる、つまり、抱き締める、という意味です。

    名詞形も hug です。



  1. (an American man)
    When I showed Yukiko the engagement ring and asked her to marry me, she hugged me tight and started crying.
  2. When Yukiko and I arrived at the airport, my parents both gave her a big hug. Boy, was she surprised! I guess she thought they'd greet her with a handshake.
  3. Give Uncle Walter a hug and say goodnight.
  4. When someone is sad or upset, sometimes all they need is a hug.

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