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(be) UPSET / UPSET (someone)
混乱した、ろうばいした /(誰かを)混乱させる、ろうばいさせる

A person is upset when something has disturbed them emotionally or mentally, causing them to become angry, unhappy, irritated, etc.

To upset someone is to make them upset.

be upset は、何かに感情を害されて、怒ったり、悲しんだり、いらいらしたりした状態にあることを表します。

upset someoneは、誰かを怒らせたり、悲しませたり、いらいらさせたりするという意味です。

1. The news of her son's accident has upset her terribly.

2. a: I'm going to talk to him.
   b: No, don't. You'll just upset him. Let him be alone for a while.

3. a: What's the matter with Carol?
   b: She's upset because she failed her entrance exams.

4. He got very upset when he realized he had missed the bus.
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