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For Life
2005.05.31(Review of 2001.02.15 edition)

The Big Day has arrived! Can you hear wedding bells?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違えやすいボキャブラリー
(~と)結婚している/独身の ; 結婚する


  • If you are someone's husband or wife, then you are married. We can also say that you are married TO someone.

    A person who is not married is single.

    To marry someone or to get married TO someone is to become someone's husband or wife.

    Be careful[1]! You “marry someone”; you do not “marry WITH someone”. Similarly, you are “married TO someone”; you are not “married WITH someone”.

    Be careful[2]! We say that someone is single, NOT “A single”.
  • Aさんが結婚しているなら、A is married. と言います。AさんがBさんと結婚している、と言いたいなら、A is married TO B. という表現を使います。

    Aさんが結婚していないなら、A is single. と言います。

    marry someone や、get married TO someone は、誰かの妻や夫になる、つまり、誰かと結婚する、という意味です。

    注意[1]: marry WITH someone とは言いません。marry someone が正しい使い方です。同じように、be married WITH someone とは言わず、 be married TO someone と言います。

    注意[2]: someone is single と言いますが、someone is A single とは言いません。


  1. a: Who is that beautiful man at the bar? Is he single?
    b: Unfortunately not. He's married and has three kids.
  2. Patti and Craig have been married for fifteen years, and they're still in love.
  3. a: I thought Scott was married to Tina.
    b: No, they just live together.
  4. Sharon is a single mother. Her husband left her with the children three years ago.
  5. Most people eventually marry, but recently the number of people who are single all their lives has been increasing.
  6. I could never marry someone I wasn't in love with. I'd rather stay single.
  7. a: Guess what! Mark and I are getting married!
    b: Oh, that's wonderful! When's the wedding?

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