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For Life

Today's word isn't always a bad thing, especially when well-intentioned. But when taken too far, it can sap a person's spirit. All things in good measure, right?

Today's Lesson
STRICT   厳しい、厳密な


  • Someone who is strict requires that people they are in charge of (for example, their children or employees) carefully follow the rules.
  • strict とは、(例えば、子どもや社員など)自分の指揮下にある人に対して、厳密に規則に従うよう求める、つまり、厳しい、という意味です。



  1. My piano teacher is very strict. She gets very upset if I don't practice.
  2. Our old boss was strict with us, but he was always fair.
  3. I went to a private school where they were very strict about things like table manners and clothes.
  4. a: My parents will ground me (= punish me by not letting me go out after school) if I get home late tonight.
    b: Really? I didn't know your parents were so strict.

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