Welcome back! It's time for another Thursday WordMaster, isn't it? Well, we didn't forget to prepare one for you (have we ever?).

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CAREFUL[LY]   注意深い、[注意深く]

To be careful or to do something carefully is to do something with care; in other words, to do something with close attention.

be carefulとdo something carefullyは、何かを気をつけて注意深くする様子を言います。carefulは、形容詞で、carefullyは形容動詞です。

1.Be careful with that knife. You may cut yourself.
2.My father is a very careful driver. He's never had an accident.
3.(a man leaving for the office)
a:See you tonight, Kate.
b:Bye, honey. Drive carefully; it's raining hard.
4.Jack is a good student. He always listens carefully to the teacher.
Thanks for reading today's WordMaster so carefully. We hope it was helpful. Bye!