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Earth Day 2008 is tomorrow, and we're pleased to be carrying on an annual WordMaster tradition by celebrating the event with a weeklong special on the environment. So raise your glasses with us and let's drink a toast to Mother Earth!

Today's Lesson
GREEN (= good for the environment)


  • Something is green if it is produced or can be used with little or no harm to the environment.

    A person or organization is green if they practice or support protection of the environment.
  • green とは、環境に対して少しだけ、もしくはまったく害なく作り出される、または利用できる、という意味です。

    人や組織に関して green と言うと、環境保護を実践している、または支援している、という意味になります。

GREEN (= good for the environment)


  1. Our neighborhood co-op has a great selection of green products.
  2. We've been trying to live a greener lifestyle. We recycle, turn off lights when we're not in a room, and ride our bicycles or walk instead of driving.
  3. Have you noticed how many green businesses there are these days? The world really has changed!

英会話レッスンIt's good to be green!