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Happy Earth Day!!

Earth-Friendly Idea #6: Store food in re-usable containers instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. And, whenever possible, try to buy food and other products without unnecessary packaging. And wouldn't it feel better to bring your own grocery bags - in designer colors and patterns! - to the supermarket?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary


  • The environment is the land, water, and air that surrounds us and upon which all living things depend.

    Be careful:
    Don't forget to put "the" in front of "environment"!
  • the environment は、私たちを取り囲む、水、空気、土などの自然のこと、つまり、自然環境という意味です。

    自然環境という意味で environment という言葉を使う場合、いつもtheをつけます。


  1. Because automobiles do so much harm to the environment, the city is making it easier for people to use trains and buses.
  2. The quality of the environment in Tokyo has improved a lot since the '60s and '70s.
  3. The environment is one of the most important political issues these days.
  4. The Ministry of the Environment gave an award to several wildlife conservation groups during a special ceremony yesterday.

Have a great (Earth) Day!