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2006.03.01(Review of 2000.09.07 edition)

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
NEIGHBORHOOD vs. NEIGHBOR   地域、近所 vs. 隣人


  • A neighborhood is an area in a city. If you say “MY neighborhood”, you mean the area near and around your house or apartment building.

    A neighbor is someone who lives next door or very close to you.
  • neighborhood は、町の中のある地域をさします。
    MY neighborhood という場合、自分の家やアパートの周りで近い地域のことをさします。

    neighbor は、隣の人か、すぐ近くに住んでいる人をいいます。


  1. This is a really nice neighborhood, isn't it? There are so many great shops and restaurants!
  2. I live near a university, so the streets in my neighborhood are always crowded with students.
  3. We want to raise our children in a safe, quiet neighborhood.
  4. Turn down the music, Johnny. You'll wake up the neighbors.
  5. Our new neighbors came by yesterday to introduce themselves. They gave us a beautiful towel as a gift.

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