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2005.08.29(Review of 2003.12.01 edition)

Welcome back! We're ready to launch into another week of Berlitz WordMaster@Work. This week we look at the many businesses involved in bringing a product from the manufacturer to the consumer. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • A supplier is a business that provides a particular product, especially to another business. A supplier may actually manufacture the product they sell to the customer, or they may simply purchase the product from the manufacturer to resell to the customer.
  • supplier は特定の製品を、特に別の会社や店などに対して、供給する商売のことです。supplier は実際に顧客に売る製品を製造する場合、もしくは、顧客に転売するために製造業者から製品を購入するだけの場合もあります。


  1. Bow Wow Corp. is a leading supplier of dog food in the region.
  2. (a construction company representative)
    We've been using the same glass supplier for over twenty years.
  3. (a restaurant manager)
    Contact our supplier and ask them to send five more cases of canned tomatoes by Friday.

英会話レッスンIf you promise to keep coming back, we promise to keep you “supplied” with the most useful business English in the language!