(BE) IN ARREARSの意味、支払いが遅れて

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2007.07.24(Review of 2004.03.03 edition)

Wouldn't it be a fine world if one could obtain a loan that never had to be paid back!

Today's Lesson
(BE) IN ARREARS   支払いが遅れて


  • To be in arrears is to be behind schedule in making payments for money that you owe.
  • 借りたお金の返済が期日に遅れている状態のことを be in arrears と言います。



  1. (letter from mortgage lender to homeowner)
    You are now three months in arrears on your mortgage payments. Unless the missed payments are settled immediately, we may be forced to repossess.
  2. The account for one of our biggest customers is badly in arrears, and the delay in payments is causing some serious cash-flow problems.
  3. The international aid organization announced that it was writing off all debts owed by the developing nation, which is in arrears to the organization for an amount exceeding $30 million.

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