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2007.01.19(Review of 2004.04.07 edition)

Hello! We leave you this week on a VERY positive note. Today's expression describes a situation when the bright sun of prosperity reappears from behind the clouds of recession to shine upon the world once again!

Today's Lesson
(economic) RECOVERY   (景気)回復


  • If the economy recovers, it gets better after having been slow for a period of time.

    An economic recovery (noun) is a return to better economic conditions.
  • the economy recovers と言うと、一定期間、停滞していた経済がよくなってくることをさします。
    An economic recovery (名詞) は、よりよい経済状態に戻ること、つまり、景気回復のことです。


  1. (a company executive)
    The recession has lasted for nearly three years now. If the economy doesn't recover soon, we may be forced to go out of business.
  2. The economy is finally showing signs of recovery. Consumer confidence is up, as are exports and capital spending.
  3. The current economic recovery should only gain strength in the coming months.

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