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For Life
2007.12.13(Review of 2004.12.22 edition)

There's something very special about a gift that's made by hand. Somehow the rough edges give it a warmth and charm that can't be duplicated by machine. Such gifts contain a piece of the maker. ... Priceless!

Here's our gift to you on this fine Thursday!

Today's Lesson
HANDMADE vs. HOMEMADE   手製の vs. 自家製の


  • If something is handmade, it was made by hand rather than by machine.

    If something is homemade, it was made in the home, or by yourself or someone you know, rather than bought in a store.

    Be Careful[1]! Food in stores is sometimes called homemade if it was made on a small scale using traditional methods and simple, natural ingredients.

    Be Careful[2]! Although food made in someone's own home is usually made by hand and could be called either homemade or handmade, it's more common to use the word homemade in this case.
  • handmade は、機械ではなく、手で作った、という意味です。

    homemade は、店で買ったのではなく、家で作った、または、自分や知人が作った、という意味です。

    注意[1]:店で売っている食品でも、昔ながらの製法により、素朴で自然な素材を使って小規模に生産しているものに関しては homemade と呼ぶことがあります。

    注意[2]:自分の家で作った食べ物は、通常、手で作ることになりますから、homemade とも handmade とも言えるわけですが、このような場合は、homemade を使う方が一般的です。



  1. There's a shop in Nishi-Azabu that sells handmade jewelry. Everything there is one-of-a-kind.
  2. All the furniture in this house is handmade by my husband.
  3. I always think that the best gifts are handmade, don't you?
  4. Every year in late December, my mother-in-law gives us a big batch of homemade rice cakes. They're so much better than store-bought.
  5. I love the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven!
  6. a: I made the cookies myself, from scratch.
    b: I thought they tasted homemade. They're delicious!
  7. Terry gave me some homemade candles for Christmas. She made them herself from beeswax.
  8. I found some wonderful homemade jams at a little gift shop by the side of the road. They're made using fruit grown in the area and are only sold in a few stores.

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