On today's Berlitz WordMaster menu, we've got a lovely new dish for you. Enjoy this one and use it over the weekend at your favorite restaurant. 


When food tastes very good, we say it's delicious.

食べ物の味がとても良いとき、delicious (おいしい)という言葉を使います。
1.(entertaining guests at home)
a:Would you like some more dessert?
b:No thank you, I couldn't eat another bite. That was a delicious meal. Thank you.
2.(saying goodbye to guests after a dinner party)
a:Thanks for coming, Karen.
b:Thanks for inviting me. And thank you for the delicious meal.
3.Everything looks delicious. You must have been cooking all day.
4.(two friends at a restaurant)
a:How's your food?
b:It's delicious. Would you like to try some?
See you next week!

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