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2007.02.13(Review of 2004.10.12 edition)

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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and in the spirit of this sweetest of days, we begin a two-week festival of sweets and desserts from the West. Trust us, it's going to be a fascinating - and delicious - week!

Today's Lesson
COOKIE vs. BISCUIT   クッキー、ビスケット vs. 小型パン


  • A cookie is a small, flat, sweet and (often) crispy cake, such as a chocolate-chip cookie and shortbread.

    In the United States, a biscuit is a small raised bread, like a bread roll, that is often served with gravy.

    Be Careful! In the United States, we do NOT use the word biscuit like the Japanese ビスケット to mean cookie.
  • cookie は、小さくて平らで甘くて、(たいてい)さくさくした焼き菓子、つまり、クッキーのことです。chocolate-chip cookie(チョコチップクッキー)や ショートブレッドなどがあります。

    アメリカでは、biscuit は、ロールパンのような小型のパンのことをさし、グレービーソースと共に出されることがよくあります。

    注意:アメリカでは、 biscuit は、日本語の「ビスケット」のように cookie の意味で使われることはありません。


  1. Grandmother always gave me cookies and milk when I visited.
  2. We decorated the Christmas cookies with colored frosting and pieces of dried fruit.
  3. Our office usually gets several boxes of cookies and rice crackers from clients as year-end gifts.
  4. (ordering at a fast-food restaurant)
    a: I'll have two pieces of fried chicken and a hot biscuit, please.
    b: Would you like butter or maple syrup with your biscuit?
  5. When I lived in Georgia, my host family served me biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

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