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For Life
2005.12.12(Review of 2002.12.09 edition)

Welcome back for Week 2 of “WordMaster for the Holidays!” From now until Friday, it's going to be one big, non-stop party!

Let the holiday celebration begin!!

Today's Lesson
YEAR-END (PARTY)   年末の(忘年会)


  • The expression year-end is used to describe something that happens or is available at the end of the year. For example, a 忘年会 is often called a “year-end party”.
  • 年末の行事や、年末になると出回るものなどのことを year-end を使って表現することができます。例えば、「忘年会」は year-end party と言うことができます。


  1. I've got five year-end parties to go to in the next two weeks.
  2. My favorite boutique is having a year-end sale on everything in the store.
  3. The year-end rush to finish work before the holidays is so exhausting.
  4. Have you read the year-end report, yet? Company profits were 60% higher than last year!
  5. The year-end specials on TV are always fun to watch.

英会話レッスンThe party continues tomorrow!