SERVE   出す【飲食物】、応対する

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To serve someone is to give someone food or drink or to help someone in a shop, hotel, etc.

serve は、食べ物や飲み物を出す、店やホテルなどで客の応対をする、という意味です。
1.(at an airport boarding gate)
a:Will you be serving dinner on the plane?
b:No, the flight's only two hours. We'll just be serving beverages and snacks.
2.a:What time do you stop serving lunch?
b:At 3:00.
3.Sorry, but we can't serve alcohol to anyone without an ID.
4.This wine is best when served at room temperature.
5.(a salesman at a shoe store)
We've been very busy. We must have served over a hundred customers this morning.
We look forward to serving you again tomorrow!

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