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For Life
2005.12.21(Review of 2000.12.19 edition)

Hello again! At this time of year the cities in Japan seem even brighter, as Christmas lights join neon in lighting up the evenings. And in a week or so, gates and doors will be dressed in green pine and smooth, cleanly cut bamboo.

Here's a word to use when talking about these welcome changes!

Today's Lesson


  • To decorate something is to make it look nicer or more special by adding special things such as flowers (to a room), colored lights (to a home or tree), wallpaper (to a wall), powdered sugar (to a cake), lace (to a dress), etc.
  • decorate とは、(部屋に)花、(家や木に)色つきのライト、(壁に)壁紙、(ケーキに)粉砂糖、(洋服に)レースなど、特別なものを加えることによって、より良く、より特別に見えるようにする、つまり、飾るという意味です。


  1. We bought our Christmas tree last weekend, but we haven't decorated it yet.
  2. All the houses in the neighborhood are decorated with Christmas lights, candles, or wreaths; it's beautiful!
  3. Tom's apartment is so empty and depressing. He should decorate it with some posters or plants.
  4. Do you want to help me decorate the cake? We can frost it with whipped cream and put some strawberries on top.

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