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For Life

How many people do you need for a party? Even two or three might be enough if the mood is right. But during the holidays we think the more the merrier!

Today's Lesson
INVITE   招待する


  • To invite someone to an event is to ask them to come to the event.

    An invitation is a written request to come to an event.
  • invite とは、誰かを催しに来てくれるように頼む、という意味です。

    invitation とは、ある催しに来てくれるように頼む書面での要請のことです。


  1. Who do you want to invite to the New Year's Eve party?
  2. We've been invited to Mark and Pamela's house for dinner on Christmas Day.
  3. It's going to be a very big wedding. They've sent out over 250 invitations.
  4. Thank you for the invitation, but I'm afraid I won't be able to attend the conference.

英会話レッスンSee you again tomorrow - and feel free to invite a friend or two, or three, or...!