Happy Valentine's Day!! Did you think we would forget? WordMaster is still at the Olympic Games, but we'll be talking about a competition that seems a fine match for this day celebrating romance. Every four years, the whole world seems to fall in love with the girl who wins a certain beautiful and dramatic Olympic event. This event is part of our WordMaster valentine to you!

SKATING   スケート競技

Two Olympic events in which athletes wear skates (that is, boots with a blade attached to glide along the ice) are figure skating and speed skating.

(Be careful: In English, we do NOT use the word "skate" (without "-ing") like the Japanese スケート to talk about the sport. "Skate" IS, however, used [as a noun] to mean the boot skaters wear and [as a verb] to mean the action of gliding over the ice in skates.)

オリンピックで選手がスケート靴をはいて競技をする種目の中には figure skating(フィギュアスケート)や speed skating(スピードスケート)があります。

注意:スケート競技について言う場合、英語では、日本語の「スケート」のように -ing をつけずに skate と言うことはありません。
名詞の skate は、スケート靴のことをさし、動詞の skate は、スケート靴をはいて氷上を滑るという意味になります。
1.The women's singles figure skating finals are always one of the most popular tickets at the Olympics.
2.Which do you prefer, pairs figure skating or ice dancing?
3.I'd like to give my daughter figure skating lessons, but they're so expensive.
4.To do well in speed skating you need very powerful legs. Most speed skaters have thighs like tree trunks.
5.The short track speed skating competition will be held indoors, so weather won't be a problem.
We wish you a very special St. Valentine's Day!

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