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2006.06.06(Review of 2001.04.09 edition)

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SOFT DRINK vs. JUICE   ソフトドリンク vs. ジュース


  • A soft drink is a drink without alcohol that is usually cold and sweet and often carbonated.

    Juice is the liquid that comes from fruit or vegetables.

    Be Careful! Although the Japanese word ジュース is sometimes used to talk about soft drinks such as cola and ginger ale that contain no fruit or vegetable juice, we do NOT call such drinks juice in English.
  • soft drink は、アルコールが入っていない飲み物で、普通は、冷たくて甘いものをさします。また、炭酸が入っているものも多いです。

    juice は、果物や野菜のしぼり汁のことです。

    注意: 日本語では、コーラやジンジャエールのような天然果汁や本物の野菜のしぼり汁が入っていない soft drinks のこともジュースを言うことがありますが、英語では、そうした飲み物を juice と呼びません。


  1. a: I'm going to the store. Do you want anything?
    b: Can you get me a soft drink? A cola or carbonated orange drink would be great.
  2. a: Should we bring anything to the party?
    b: Would you mind bringing some beer or wine - and some soft drinks for the kids?
  3. WAITER: Would you like something to drink?
    CUSTOMER: What kind of soft drinks do you have?
    WAITER: We have cola, ginger ale, ice tea, and orange juice.
  4. WAITER: What can I get you to drink?
    CUSTOMER: What kind of juice do you have?
    WAITER: Orange, apple, grapefruit, and tomato.
  5. I always have a glass of fresh juice in the morning with breakfast.
  6. a: How did you make this salad dressing? It's delicious.
    b: It's really very easy. Just mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise, three tablespoons of yogurt, and the juice from one lemon.

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