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For Life
2006.06.05(Review of 2002.08.26 edition)

Hello, and welcome back!

It's June, the sun sits high in the great blue sky, and summer is near. We thought this would be a fine time to introduce a few expressions for talking about all things refreshing and thirst quenching!

Today's Lesson


  • Carbonated drinks contain CO2 gas, which produces little bubbles when the drink is opened.

    If a drink is NOT carbonated, it's non-carbonated.
  • carbonated drink とは、炭酸ガスが入っていて、開栓すると微量の泡が出てくる飲み物のことです。

    炭酸が入っていない飲み物のことは、non-carbonated といいます。


  1. a: What's your favorite carbonated beverage?
    b: Probably cola ... or ginger ale.
  2. (asking a storekeeper about a new soft drink)
    Is this drink carbonated?
  3. (at someone's home)
    a: What would you like to drink?
    b: Anything non-carbonated is fine.
  4. (ordering at a restaurant)
    I'd like a salad and a glass of non-carbonated mineral water, please.

英会話レッスンWarm and sunny days and an ice-cold carbonated soft drink - ahhhh, life is good!