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Please be careful with the pronunciation of today's WordMaster. We're not talking about those fluffy white masses in the sky that sometimes block out the sun! Those are “clouds”, with an “l”!

Today's Lesson
CROWD / CROWDED   群集、人ごみ


  • A crowd is a large group of people in one place.

    A place is crowded if there are many people there.
  • crowd は、一ヶ所に集まった大勢の人々、つまり群衆や人ごみなどのことです。

    crowded とは、ある場所に人がたくさんいるという意味です。


  1. There was a large crowd of people at the river. They all came to watch the fireworks.
  2. a: Are you coming to the festival?
    b: No. I don't like crowds.
  3. A crowd of people assembled in front of the courthouse holding signs and shouting slogans.
  4. We won't be able to sit down. The trains are too crowded at this time of day.
  5. The crowded bar was filled with people celebrating our team's victory.

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