Hi-ho! We hope life is treating you well. We're happy to be with you again on this Thursday.

Here's today's WordMaster!

SAFE vs. SAFETY   安全な vs. 安全

When a person is safe, they are not in danger. When a thing or place is safe (for example, a car or a city, etc.), it is not dangerous (to drive or to live in, etc.).

Safe is an adjective. The noun form is safety.

(Be careful: We say, "a safe neighborhood/city/airline/etc.", NOT "a SAFETY neighborhood/etc.")


safeは形容詞で, safetyは名詞です。

注意 : a safe neighborhood/city/airline/etc. とは言いますが、a SAFETY neighborhood/etc. とは言わないので注意しましょう。

1. Japan is a very safe country for tourists.

2. Is it safe to leave money in my hotel room?

3. I have to take a class in traffic safety before I can get my license.

4. a: My daughter is riding a kayak down the Amazon.
   b: Really? Aren't you worried about her safety?
Until tomorrow, stay safe!