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2005.12.22(Review of 2000.12.22 edition)

Hi! In many parts of the world, this is peak shopping season. The department stores and malls are filled with eager shoppers looking for the perfect gift for friends and family.

We expect you'll be able to use today's WordMaster often!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
PRESENT   贈り物、贈呈する


  • A present (noun; accent on the first half of the word) is a gift.

    To present (verb; accent on the second half of the word) something to someone usually means to give something to someone in a FORMAL situation, such as at a ceremony; for example, you present a prize or award, a diploma or certificate, a gift at a wedding reception, etc.

    Be Careful! Use the phrase “give a present” rather than “present something” to talk about giving gifts in ordinary, less formal situations, even when you give a gift to a teacher or to your boss at work.
  • present (名詞で、アクセントは前半です。)とは贈り物のことです。


    注意:格式張らない場面では、present something とは言わず、give a present という言い方をします。先生や上司に贈り物をする場合でも例外ではありません。


  1. What presents did you ask Santa Claus for this year?
  2. a: Do your parents give you presents on your birthday?
    b: No, but Mom usually makes a special meal and bakes a cake.
  3. When they presented the Olympic gold medal to the young figure skater, there were tears running down her face.
  4. (at a retirement party)
    Larry, we are proud to present you with this gold watch, and we thank you for your forty years of fine service to the company.

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