RED-EYE (FLIGHT)の意味、(飛行機の)夜行便

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2012.02.13  (Review of 2008.12.08 edition)

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Everybody knows that business travel can be lonely at times, which is why a friendly welcome can be so ... well, welcome. So please allow us to welcome you to a week of English made especially for the business traveler!

Today's Lesson
RED-EYE (FLIGHT)   (飛行機の)夜行便


  • A red-eye flight or red-eye is an overnight airplane flight.
  • red-eye flight、あるいは red-eye とは、飛行機の夜行便のことです。



  1. (talking with a travel agent)
    a: What's your cheapest flight from Boston to London?
    b: There's a red-eye flight for only $780. Do you mind flying at night?
  2. The only thing available on such short notice was a red-eye flight.
  3. (assistant to businesswoman based in San Francisco)
    I've booked you on the red-eye to New York. It leaves at 11:00 p.m. and arrives at 7:30 in the morning.
  4. a: You look tired.
    b: I just got off the red-eye from Honolulu.

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