SHORT NOTICEの意味、直前の通知、突然の知らせ

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Today's Lesson
SHORT NOTICE   直前の通知、突然の知らせ


  • Short notice means “not long before something is supposed to happen.”
  • short notice とは、何かが起こるはずの時間まで長くないこと、つまり、直前の、ぎりぎりの知らせ、という意味です。



  1. I realize this is short notice, but do you think you could attend the meeting this afternoon?
  2. I'm sorry to come on short notice like this.
  3. a: Our main speaker was just admitted to the hospital, and the conference begins tomorrow!
    b: Will you be able to find another speaker on such short notice?
  4. a: We'll send the order today by overnight express. You should expect it sometime tomorrow afternoon.
    b: Thank you so much! And I'll try not to give you such short notice next time.

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