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2011.12.09 (Review of 2009.05.13 edition)

Hello again!

If you're on your lunch hour or taking a coffee break now, then you're not just reading today's edition - you're living it!

Today's Lesson
DOWNTIME   休息時間、稼動停止期間


  • Downtime is a period of time when you stop working to rest or relax, especially during working hours.

    It's also a period of time when work or production is stopped because a machine, system, factory, etc., isn't operating.
  • downtime とは、特に勤務時間中に、仕事を中断して休んだりくつろいだりする時間、つまり、休息時間のことです。




  1. Things are pretty hectic at the office lately, and I don't have much downtime. In fact, I'm lucky if I can find time to grab lunch these days.
  2. I know you've got a heavy workload, but you have to give your workers some downtime once in a while.
  3. Major equipment failure caused two days of unscheduled downtime at the factory.
  4. The (computer) system has been down all morning, and every hour of downtime is costing us thousands of dollars!

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